Hi. My name is Paulo Ribeiro.
I’m a web designer living and working in Lisbon, Portugal.

I work at Oceanlab, a company I started in 2002, along with two friends.

This is my personal notebook. I’ll be posting here about web, design, surf and…well, life.

The reason I have this blog, is to talk with people, exchange ideas, to show what we are doing in Portugal, to know what people are doing in other countries.

Why do why write in English?
One of my goals is to talk and exchange ideas with people all around the world.
I know there are 246 million people speaking portuguese, which makes it the 6th most spoken language, but… I want more. 🙂

Besides that, I want to show a little bit of Portugal to all the people out there. I think that is the main reason I write in English.

Why is my English so bad?
Well, errr… I have this condition, you know?…

Where’s Portugal?
Well, have you ever heard of Europe? Great. Wikipedia

Some keywords: Amora, Seixal, Paço de Arcos, Caxias, Oeiras, Belém, Joaninhas, Luís de Freitas Branco, IADE, Tinta Invisível, Neoris, Oceanlab.