Books #1
I’m currently reading “Caos Calmo” (Quiet chaos) by Sandro Veronesi. A gift from my girlfriend. I must say I’m really into it. The book is about a man who starts living his day on a bench, in front of his daughter’s school. Obviously, has nothing to do with surf, but it starts with a surfing session 🙂 which is always nice. For now I’m recommending it, and as soon as I finished it, I’ll go and see the movie which stars Nanni Moretti, one of my favourite directors.

The other book in the picture is John Maeda‘s “The Laws of Simplicity”. Last year I saw John Maeda* speaking in a conference in OFFF, Barcelona. An excelent presentation. The book its very, very interesting. It’s about Simplicity in life, in design, in everything. I definitely recommend it.
* John Maeda is graphic designer, visual artist, and computer scientist at the MIT Media Lab.


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