beautiful day at são pedro



Great morning in São Pedro. Definitely the best this year. Sun & small waves.
We were the first to arrive there, so, for an hour, the beach was ours!
Afterwards it started to get a little bit crowded, but we already had a smile on our faces.
It was a great weekend.


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  1. um parvo qualquer Avatar
    um parvo qualquer

    I don’t get why you had a smile on your face.
    but hey, whatever makes you happy..

  2. There are many things you don’t get.

  3. um parvo qualquer Avatar
    um parvo qualquer


  4. You need to wake up at 7AM, and enter the cold water, in order to understand the smile on our faces, after catching a delicious wave. And yes, male bonding is necessary.

  5. Male bonding?
    I was only surfing!!:-)

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