lhasa de sela

I’m going to start the year with bad news, but I’m hoping that this will be the last ones and that from now on everything will be better.
It was hard for me to choose the best video to honor Lhasa de Sela. I thought of choosing “La Celestina” because reminds me the way I got to know her songs, but I ended up choosing a live version of “Love Came Here“, because it’s recent and she seems happy. I’ve post it on video space.

But I just can’t resist and I’m also posting this video “Rising” (from the same series) just because it’s beautiful. I love this song.

Recorded on Patrick Watson’s loft in Montreal, by Vincent Moon (blogotheque).
“Lhasa, un au-revoir” on La Blogotheque
And one more, now with Patrick Watson. “Between the bars” from ElliotT Smith.


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