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Rodeo Clown
Jordy Smith making surf history. An incredible move he calls Rodeo Clown. So “simple”.
Hawaiian Surf Auction
Vintage surf auction directly from Hawaii. 17 and 18th of July. Pre registration needed.
Apenas o fim
Brasilian movie. Geek movie. Muito nice, cara.
The Daily Show on the New York Times
Jason Jones visits the the New York Times’ offices to find out why the last of a dying breed prefers aged news to real news.”
The GOP Doesn’t Understand Sex
«The first time I ever heard about oral sex was during the Lewinsky scandal. Mostly, I remember being confused by President Clinton’s response—“It depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.”» by Meghan McCain
Biz Stone on a conference organized by “i” newspaper
(Nassim Taleb on the first half of the video)

jornal i

The first cover of the new newspaper “i”. www.ionline.pt

The biggest surprise for me was the photo on the cover. The black and white photo, on a very black and white cover gives a dark mood to the all set. But maybe it’s a way to stand out on the colorful newsstand. Anyway, the photo could have better quality.

On the inside, I really like the simplicity of some pages, the use of photography, colors and the lettering. I like the idea of the urban sketches, but I think that could be better integrated on the newspaper. And I was expecting the use of more information graphics on the first number…

Overall… pretty cool. Now, let’s read the news.

What others are saying on Twitter http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23ijornal.

You can read an analysis of the newspaper’s website on The Lake.
Meanwhile, I’ve taken a closer look… I like the graphic similarities with Monocle (no sarcasm).


Bacon Floss
This store definitely has the most stupid things to sell, but… Bacon Floss?!?
«Dentists recommend flossing and we recommend bacon!»
Neiman Reports – Special edition on the future of digital journalism
I really don’t understand newspapers and their vision about their future.
Maybe this will help me.
Analyzing the trends in digital journalism. Full report here. Key comments here.
More info on the theme in “The Lake“, a great bilingual blog from Alexandre Gamela, a newmedia journalist.
Thundercats: The Movie
A Thundercats movie with Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel, Hugh Jackman? Hmmm…
More info from WormyTV here
Tracy Chapman
Tracy Chapman’s website. A great color web/book/site.