Ed Fladung’s interview at Stevey
Ed Fladung is a american designer, photographer and surfer living in Mexico, and he is the author of the blog Quality Peoples. I follow his blog for a long time, and is on my TOP 1. He is also responsible for QPWilm! theme, in which this blog is based.
All this to tell you to check his interview on Stevey’s blog (which, by the way, is on my TOP 10 of blogs)
Vincent Laforet is a photographer who just went nuts mixing a Red camera, huge lenses and surf. Check the result in a amazing video (see the HD version) that I can’t stop watching.
“Creativity in surfing is the opportunity to express oneself on a wave.”
(via Quality Peoples)
MacBook Wheel revealed by the Onion News Network
Eheheh hehehh ehehehh AHAHAHH AHAHH…
War on Youtube
The Israeli force’s YouTube page.
Interactive Video
A good example of interactivity on the web. (via O Lago)
Designing Through the Recession
«I’ve been working as a designer for over 28 years, and depending on how you count, this is either my fourth or fifth recession. Here’s what happens, and a few things you can do about it.»
(via North Temple)


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  1. You really don’t like macs… but it’s funny as hell. “I never realized how much I hated keyboards…” hahaha

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