monday 7am



The best way to start a working day. 7AM surfing session.


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  1. Lavender skies and water! Beautiful. How far do you live from the beach?

  2. Too far 🙂
    I’m 15 minutes away from this beach, when there is no traffic. The problem is getting back to work! 😀

  3. olà paulo!
    im sitting in front of my computer screen in austria, and you just saved my day with those pics. i found your blog from some other blog. i havent been in your beautiful country for almost a year and i haven t been surfing for the same time. thanks for those pics. nice web work too 😉
    well, nice to meet you !

  4. Txs Chris!!
    I’m really glad that I could cheer you up, with these pics.
    My main purpose is to reach people from all over the world, and give them a little something from this part of town, so if got to you, that’s fantastic!! 🙂
    I’ve seen on your site, that you’ve been around Costa da Caparica. Did you get good days of surf?

  5. hey!
    i was at caparica 2 years ago, we stayed there for a week, it was flat almost all the time at the costa so we drove around quite a bit which was real fun. the swell, if there was any at all, was really westerly, but i had one nice evening session at caparica though, when there are waves they most of the time seem to be really clean and perfect cause of the jetties maybe. will be back in september hopefully shaping some boards too at a factory there. we`ll see. take care, and keep those pics coming. sao pedro looks amazing, have never seen it braking ;-(. abraço, chris

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