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The Untold Story of the World’s Biggest Diamond Heist
«The loot was never found, but based on circumstantial evidence, Notarbartolo was sentenced to 10 years. He has always denied having anything to do with the crime and has refused to discuss his case with journalists, preferring to remain silent for the past six years. Until now.»

100 Dances and 100 Songs
This 9 minutes video, called Boombox and created by Ely Kim, show us a sequence of 100 dances and 100 songs. A little bit stupid, but…

Music. Youtube. Videos. Very cool.

Presenting MouthOff: iPhone App Of The Day
If I had an Iphone… I would never talk again, unless I was using this app. On the restaurant, on the subway, on a footbal game, in bed…


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