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I really don’t get this. Seat is using this Shepard Fairey’s Obama poster style, in their new campaign for Seat Leon, in Portugal, with Tiago Monteiro. Ok, the resemblances are obvious, and almost everybody knows the poster, so they can’t be trying to fool anyone, right? But what’s the point? Where’s the connection?
On the website there’s a punchline saying “Só para eleitos” (meaning: only for the elected/chosen ones), but… come on… and it’s only on the website. Nothing on the outdoors. I don’t get it. Was it done on the Obamicon?
As it wasn’t enough all the fuss about the copyright of the original poster.


Vespa Daniela
I still prefer the original Vespa, but this one is fantastic. A Vespa built out of wood? This guy is mad!
I’m doing mine tomorrow! Obama will be on my desk.
Obama poster & Copyright
Still on Obama… remember that great poster from Shepard Fairey?
We are all gonna die
Photographs. I really like the title. From the same guy, check out the “The Low-Fat Diaries“:
«When you’re drunk, you’re not bored, and it has got to be extremely boring to be homeless.».
Via Quality Peoples
Aquabeat MP3
Do you know those days when all surfers on the water seem to want all the waves for themselves? Don’t you wish that sometimes you just couldn’t listen to them?
Masal Bugduv
To finish, a great story about good journalism: how a non-existent Moldovan striker became one of the world’s 50 hottest young footballing talents.


The results are amazing. No surprise, but… it’s a little blue, isn’t it?
Another interesting fact, is that (at this moment) Portugal is the 3rd country with more people voting.
1. (66,936) United States
2. (17,076) Finland
3. (14,907) Portugal
4. (12,151) Canada
5. (9,276) United Kingdom