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  • bigode hog model

    bigode hog model

    Cat not included.

  • we are %#@!€! online!
  • bigode


    We’re launching this weekend. Stay tuned! Follow us on Facebook.

  • And The Waves Will Wash It All Away

    And The Waves Will Wash It All Away

    Quality peoples has always been my favorite source of inspiration, for surf, life and design, and probably the reason I have this (kind of) blog. And now, back from my vacations, I’ve just found out that they’re producing some cool stuff, available for purchase. Check the collection in here. All the best.

  • Banco de Padrões de Design

    Destaque para um projecto que (para mim) foi uma surpresa. Banco de Padrões de Design do Instituto Superior Técnico _ Bem interessante, vamos ver para onde vai.

  • where the wild things are

    Enquanto espero pela estreia do “Where the wild things are“, resolvi procurar uma curta de animação de 1973 acerca do mesmo livro. Acabei por encontrar algumas coisas engraçadas. – 1973 version – Playmobil Version – Claymation‎ w/ Shpongle music – Claymation‎ – Filmed by high school students, w/ a nice soundtrack – 1983 Disney CG…

  • mude

    Hoje fui dar uma vista de olhos no novo museu de Design e Moda na Baixa de Lisboa, o MUDE e admito que não fiquei particularmente convencido com o que vi. A exposição no r/c não surpreende, até porque algumas peças já tinham sido vistas no CCB, e o espaço também não é particularmente generoso.…

  • seat obama

    I really don’t get this. Seat is using this Shepard Fairey’s Obama poster style, in their new campaign for Seat Leon, in Portugal, with Tiago Monteiro. Ok, the resemblances are obvious, and almost everybody knows the poster, so they can’t be trying to fool anyone, right? But what’s the point? Where’s the connection? On the…

  • shop

    There’s only one reason why this SOMA Air Bag it’s not going directly to my wishlist: The maximum size is only 7’6”. But it’s an excellent idea, and the video is totally worth it! (seen on stevey’s blog)


    Finally, sunny days, with nice waves are back! We went back to Caparica, and although we weren’t it the right spot, we’ve managed to get some fun. Later on, we’ve seen some pretty good surf in nearby beaches. In this picture, you can see Miguel, a surfer from Ericeira, getting some action.


    These ones are going right to my wishlist: _


    With Christmas, I got the new Pro-Ject Debut III/Phono USB. I must say that I’ve never been a maniac for vinyl, but I’ve always been a fan. Although I had some sound problems at first, all it’s working now, and I’m pretty happy with it. The ability to connect and recording to the pc it’s…


    These Zoo York skateboards, at Volumeone, are simply amazing!! Does anyone dare to skate them?


    I know this picture seems a little bizarre, but it’s from Sapo Awards ceremony. And yes, the guy holding the award it’s me. We’ve achieved the bronze with the development of the Suzuki Splash microsite.


    An International Cartoon Festival is taking place until the next weekend, in Amadora. Usually I would wait until the last day, but this year I decided to go early. So, on Saturday there we were. Some pretty cool stuff, the classics, the newcomers, the internationally acclaimed and the not so internationally acclaimed portuguese illustrators. There…


    Lisbon has beautiful examples of typography all around the city, and it’s been a long time overdue project of mine to try to capture some of them. So the other day I decided it was time, and started to post them on Flickr. You can check them out in here. This particular photo is from…


    “YMYI – You Move You Interact” is an interesting project developed by João Martinho Moura and Jorge Sousa for their master course in Technology and Digital Arts in the University of Minho.


    On Shift‘s last day, Manuel Lima brought us a excellent presentation on “VisualComplexity: A visual exploration on mapping complex networks”. Manuel is a interaction designer working for Nokia Design in London, as a Senior User Experience Designer. He is also the founder of, a great site which I have already referenced here, in an…