Martin Varsavsky
Yesterday I got the opportunity to watch a presentation by Martin Varsavsky* in a conference in Lisbon. He’s quite an interesting guy and made one of the best presentations of the conference. He talked about the web, and how he still is optimistic about this economic crisis**. He also talked about craziness and about the fear of ridicule.
I’m still trying to get the movie of this presentation, but in the meantime you can check his blog. A special notice to this post “Where is the future that we were promised?”
* Martin Varsavsky is one of the participants of the 18th Communications Congress, which I’m attending. This year’s theme is the role of the IT companies in the current energy and financial crises.
** In his blog: «I spent all day speaking to entrepreneurs at two conferences in Lisbon and Monaco at APCD and MMF. In both cases I tried to sound confident, to speak about the opportunities that crisis have for all of us. But as I return to my hotel room at 2 am and see how the US markets closed I am finally capitulating myself.»


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