Twitter is a powerful tool, no doubt about it. Either you need to get information on the minute or simply talk with your friends, its fantastic.
But it seems that at this moment, Twitters are a bit lost in a “my twitter is bigger than yours” war. They’re focused in getting the most followers, what I can understand, but in exchange, they are following everyone. You can even follow people on Twitter automatically.
What’s the point?
I think it deviates from the main goal of Twitter: to write and read other people Tweets. This way, no one it’s going to read any Tweet. It’s simply not possible to follow more than 1500 twitters and still capture any valuable information.
I don’t think that Twitter it’s going to die, but if things go on this way, there will be a lot of people quitting after the initial hype.
Unless they start to be more selective about who they follow.
Eric Karjaluoto’s post says it all.


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