I’m not very addicted to games. I basically played Pro Evolution Soccer for the past 10 years, just because you can stress out for 10 minutes, and you’re done. Ok, and maybe a little of Doom a long time ago. Oh, and SIM City. And Medal of Honor. But besides that, I’m not a big fan of games.

But in the last days I’ve been playing a cool web game, or should I say a cool web browser game, called KillZone 2. The difference for the regular game is that you play while you’re browsing the internet. You go to Facebook, go to IMDB, Flickr and BAM! You’re in the game. A simple shoot em up. 1 minute of play and you’re done (joke alert).

Take a look at

Tip: You can get bonus points by taking multiple headshots on the Helghasts, specially the green ones. And I still didn’t get how, but you can also get a Itchy Finger and a Melon Popper bonus.

(and yes, I felt that I needed to make this very macho post, after that cute kitty picture. By the way, more pictures here)


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