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  • superbock em stock | day one

    Já passou uma semana desde o Festival Super Bock em Stock, mas não posso deixar de fazer aqui um resumo daqueles que foram para mim os melhores momentos. No primeiro dia: Ebony Bones e Orelha Negra. _ Last week I’ve been in a music festival called “Super Bock em stock”. The festival takes place in…

  • antónio zambujo

    No outro dia mostraram-me este vídeo do António Zambujo, que eu não conhecia e que acabei por vir a apreciar. Entretanto já tive oportunidade de assistir a um concerto e recomendo. Aqui fica por isso a sugestão… _ The other day someone showed me this video of António Zambujo, an artist I didn’t knew and…

  • andrew bird

    Fantastic concert by Andrew Bird, last night on a sold out São Jorge Cinema. It’s pretty impressive the way he makes the whole show, by himself. And what a powerful voice!! Great surprise. (meanwhile, it’s playing “oh no” on the radio! eh eh eh)

  • music

    First of all, let start with the good stuff: The Lost Fingers I’ve just heard these guys – The Lost Fingers – and this sounds pretty cool. We’ve heard covers before, but I think they’ve got some pretty good stuff here. A special notice to “Careless Whisper”, “Pump Up the Jam”, and obviously… “Billie Jean”.…

  • sym


    in ,

    The last few days, have been crazy. I have had a lot of work and no surf at all. But things are going well, and we have just launched the new website for SYM (scooters, motorcycles and ATVs) in Portugal. There are still a lot of things to do, but… it’s online! Check it out!

  • badlovers hysteria iberika

    Fantastic performance by Badlovers Hysteria Iberika, yesterday at Caixa Económica Operária. Full of power, energy and sensuality! They’re composed by a Spanish girl as the lead singer, a French guy on the guitar and a Portuguese bass player. A powerful mixture that resulted in a great performance! Congratulations! Check them out at myspace

  • elysian fields

    Last saturday we went to see Elysian Fields, live at Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval, Sintra. I’m not a big fan of this venue, but the concert was memorable. Her voice, their style, his talent, the piano, the red wine… Was simply too much. I’m not really sure, but the best moment might have been when…


    Bacon Floss This store definitely has the most stupid things to sell, but… Bacon Floss?!? «Dentists recommend flossing and we recommend bacon!» _ Neiman Reports – Special edition on the future of digital journalism I really don’t understand newspapers and their vision about their future. Maybe this will help me. Analyzing the trends in digital…


    Last week, São Carlos theatre was broadcasting live, the Richard Wagner’s “Siegfried” opera to the square. For free, obviously. It was pretty cool, but it didn’t got the audience I expected. Many empty chairs. The statue you see there represents Fernando Pessoa, a portuguese poet.


    A few hours ago I was passing through Rua do Alecrim, when I started noticing some music in the air. The music was coming from Rua de São Paulo, a street that goes under Rua do Alecrim. A band was playing on the street, and they were recording the concert for a music clip or…