First of all, let start with the good stuff:

The Lost Fingers
I’ve just heard these guys – The Lost Fingers – and this sounds pretty cool. We’ve heard covers before, but I think they’ve got some pretty good stuff here. A special notice to “Careless Whisper”, “Pump Up the Jam”, and obviously… “Billie Jean”. Very nice indeed.

Twitter Cover Songs
Still on the covers, here’s a excellent twitter for you to follow, only with covers songs. To Start Charging International Users
Now the bad thing. The stupid thing. The amazingly stupid thing.
I’ve just read in this article that it’s going to start charging 3€, to all users outside of the UK, USA and Germany. Can you believe this? Was this the best business model they could find? Ok, I already pay Flickr for my ProAccount, but somehow I just can’t believe in this. It doesn’t seem to be right… Only for users outside of the UK, USA and Germany?! Will it be the end of


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