After a magnificent Saturday morning at Bafureira, Sunday we ruined it all by going to Caparica. This time we tried a different beach, but the result was even worse, so a couple hours later we packed our stuff, and went home. It’s been a long time since I had a good morning of surf in Caparica, but I still believe!!
Anyway, at least we caught some sun.


Altough Bafureira is very close to São Pedro’s beach, I had never tried to catch some waves there. It’s always a little bit more crowded than I like, and I really enjoy my little sunny spot in São Pedro. But this Saturday, São Pedro was completely flat, so we decided to try Bafureira, and I must say… it was fantastic! A perfect point break, with a fantastic long and perfect wave.

I really don’t know if I’ll ever go back to São Pedro, and that makes me sad. I’ve had built a strong relationship with that place, and now I have to let it go. 🙁

portuguese water dog

While Barack Obama keeps on looking for his Portuguese Water Dog, Saturday I found one surfing on São Pedro’s beach. His name was Vasco. He completely stole the show. King of the beach. I believe he managed to surf all the waves that went through that peak. Big, small, medium, rare… And there he goes for another one.


Another summer weekend with two sunny days with good waves in São Pedro do Estoril. I’m still a (very) small waves surfer, so this weekend was great!! Specially Saturday, as Sunday was a little more crowded. But it was a nice crowd. 🙂

summer time

It was a summer day, in all aspects. It was hot, sunny and almost flat. The exception was the water temperature… cold, cold, cold.
Nevertheless, it was a great surfing morning, full of sun and enough waves to have fun. And once again, the break was ours. No one else on the water.
In the end, it got really flat. So flat, I didn’t even remembered what I was doing there.