3 videos. Nothing more.

Three videos, nothing more.
I don’t even know what they have in common, I just like them.
Bill Hicks
Fantastic stand up comedian that I’ve just found out. There’s a lot more on youtube, and there’s a movie coming. Died at the age of 32.

“God”, I’m such a pussy.


Museu de Ciência

Acabámos de lançar um novo site para o Museu de Ciência da Universidade de Lisboa, que celebra 25 anos no dia 8 de Maio. O site ainda está na primeira fase, mais desenvolvimentos estão para vir, mas já representa uma grande mudança.

Em www.mc.ul.pt e no Facebook também.

I’ve just finished this new website for the Science Museum that celebrates his 25th anniversary this year. Portuguese version only… for now.
Check it out on www.mc.ul.pt and on Facebook.

on the web

Great use of vimeo.
Great use of paper and video. Jacques Magazine.
Portuguese project that was created by two persons enthusiastic in aeronautics, telecommunications, electronic and computer software. The website shows portuguese weather radiosondes launched everyday by Instituto de Meteorologia, airplanes and ships and in a near future it also shows the ISS and satellites, everything in real time.NAVPT
All portuguese data in one website. Fantastic. Pordata.
And The XX back in Portugal, in July

on the web

Microsoft Project Tuva
Fantastic lectures on physics by Dr. Richard Feynman on physics, in 1964.
You Are the Controller.
Microsoft XBOX – Introducing Project Natal, a revolutionary new way to play: no controller required. Say goodbye to Wii?
A concept video on the future of digital magazines. Also check this one from Sports Illustrated.
The Crunchpad story
Two weeks ago we were ready to publicly launch the CrunchPad. And then the entire project self destructed over nothing more than greed, jealousy and miscommunication.
Why do we over-consume?
Personal consumption data is even more telling. When the richest 10% account for 60 % of all private consumption, we have to ask ourselves if these top-tier consumers could possibly improve their well-being any further through material gains?
“How do I know China wrecked the Copenhagen deal? I was in the room”
As recriminations fly post-Copenhagen, one writer offers a fly-on-the-wall account of how talks failed
No Impact Man
One year reducing waste and consumption. No TV, no car, no electricity…
Nightmare or…”The year we didn’t watch TV and we became much better parents as a result”?

where the wild things are

Enquanto espero pela estreia do “Where the wild things are“, resolvi procurar uma curta de animação de 1973 acerca do mesmo livro. Acabei por encontrar algumas coisas engraçadas.

1973 version
Playmobil Version
Claymation‎ w/ Shpongle music
Filmed by high school students, w/ a nice soundtrack
1983 Disney CG Animation test

While waiting for the premiere of the movie “where the wild things are“, I went looking for an 1973 animation movie, based on the same book. In the end, I’ve found out some interesting stuff.