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Temos um novo projecto, lançado hoje em
O objectivo é dar voz aos cidadãos, para que demonstrem o que querem para o país, para que proponham a mudança.
Não podemos ficar dependentes apenas dos políticos. Mostrem o que valem.
Conto com as vossas propostas. Registem-se no site, comentem, votem e coloquem as vossas propostas!

We’ve just launched a new project today, in
The goal of this website is to let people share their political views for the elections coming this year in Portugal.
You can post your proposal, comment, vote on other proposals, discuss it on twitter and even share a video.


Acordei às 6 da manhã para ver que ainda não é agora que vou estrear a prancha nova. Enquanto não chega o sono, aqui ficam três sites com pranchinhas à maneira. Todas elas muito diferentes umas das outras.

Woke at 6AM just to check that there was a flat line, and that I wouldn’t be able to make my debut with my new board. While the sheep keeps jumping over the fence, I leave you with three links. All surfboards, all different.

Paulo Jacinto Surfboards
Stance Surfboards
James Perse Limited Edition

on the web

Candles that save water
I’m wondering what they smell like, but… nice idea.
TEDx in Lisbon
This event is not being organized by the TED conferences — this is an independently organized TED event.
Bússola Eleitoral
A little help for the Portuguese elections. Find out to which party you share the same political ideas.
And finally, check Lars von Trier’s Antichrist trailer on Vimeo
Hitchcock and Google Streetview in Matosinhos

fixing the future

Fixing the Future is a new project in which Oceanlab is involved. Basically we believe we should pressure the government to rethink the actual recovery plans and policies in order to make stronger investments in innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. A plan to address the long-term challenges.
Fixing the future is a manifesto for recovery through innovation.
You can read the manifesto in and subscribe it in
Join our group on Flickr or on Facebook

on the web
For all of you french girls and boys… Oceanlab‘s new development.
Basically, is a place where you can share your travel journeys, and make new friends. Enjoy.
Eternal Moonwalk
Submit your own moonwalk video, and help create the biggest moonwalk ever.
Ape Calessino
I still prefer the classic Vespa, but I definitely can imagine myself with the surfboard (and some babes) on the back, heading to the beach!